About Me

Just so we’re clear, I wrote this bio myself. I refuse to write in a third-person voice and let some anonymous scribe get the credit for my wordplay. And as far as actually allowing someone else to write it for me, well, I’m way too anal retentive for that.

I am a television personality, stand-up comic, writer and producer based out of Chicago. Those are a lot of labels, which suggests either A) I am a prodigious talent, or B) I’m not really excellent at any of those things. I really have no idea at this point.

As a TV guy, I’m the sports anchor for Chicago’s top rated AM newscast, The WGN Morning News. I was also a host of the ABC primetime show Shaq Vs, filled in for Reege a few times on “LIVE With Regis and Kelly,” and have auditioned to host about a half dozen hugely successful network shows, each time acing the audition, but ultimately learning I was not “the right fit, tonally.”

As a stand-up, I perform all over Chicago and the Midwest, headlining clubs like Zanies and the Laugh Factory. And as a writer and producer, I’ve optioned a handful of show ideas to be developed. I’m hoping at least one of them gets a pilot order so I can build an IMDB page.

I have a wife that I like an awful lot (read how much here), and a dog that’s way more interesting than your kid.